Distributivism and Catholic Social Teaching

Also Known as "Distributism" or "Distributionism"

John C. Médaille

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I am the father of five, an adjunct Instrutor of theology at the University of Dallas, and a real estate agent in Irving, Texas. (If you need a home in North Texas, visit my real estate site -- hey!, everybody's gotta make a living!). This site is a repository for some of my writings on Distributivism and other topics.

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Articles on Distributivism

An Introduction to Distributivism

What, briefly, this is all about.

Distributivism and Catholic Social Teaching

This article, which appeared in the January, 2000 issue of The New Oxford Review, outlines the main thrust of Catholic Social Teaching as it is presented in Rerum Novarum, Quadragesimo Anno, Centesimus Annus, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, and Laborem Exercens, and discusses the Distributivist response to the Teaching.

The Forgotten Agrarian: Re-Reading Adam Smith

We all know what Adam Smith has to say about economics, right? Well, maybe not. Does Smith really support the "capitalist" system (a term he never uses), or does he have something else in mind?

Capitalist Pigs: The Wealth of Nations and the Wealth of Farmers

This article examines the manipulation of pork prices by "hog factories" that drive real farmers out of business without any benefit to the public and with much subsidy from the public purse.

Sabbath Land and Royal Land: Competing Social Views in the Old Testament

The debate over the meaning and ownership of land is not an exclusively modern one. Indeed, this debate is played out in the drama of the Old Testament as a struggle between the rights of the people and the rights of the King and the Landlords.

Natural Law, Marginal Productivity, and the Just Wage

Are wages really controlled by an "iron law"?

Equity and Equilibrium: The Relationship between Theology and Economics

Can we really dispense with "values" in an economic system? This article argues that without a theological foundation, a complete description of economics is impossible.

Selections from The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace

Annotated Table of Contents

Likely more detail than you wanted.

A "Distributist" Interpretation of Economic History

From Aristotle to Friedman, its been a heck of a ride.

Property, Culture, and Economics

The three are closely related.

Towards an Evolved Capitalism

Short of a revolution, can the capitalist system be saved? Only if it can evolve.

Michael Novak and The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

There are only two problems with neo-conservatism: it is not new, and it is not conservative.

Other Theological Writings 

The Person as the Metaphysics of the Future

Only God is really a "being"; man is more of a "becoming."

Heaven as the Home of the Free:  The Primacy of the Will In Duns Scotus

Is the will the servant of the intellect (as in St. Thomas), or the reverse (as in Bl. Duns Scotus)? And why it matters.

Ideas Clearly Indistinct: Spinoza, Augustine, and the Search for Biblical Certainty

Spinosa uses Augustine to subvert the Bible. Very clever of him.

Lost in Translation: Hope and Hypostasis in Hebrews

"What hope must always defer to the future, faith is capable of grasping as a present reality." --Hans Urs von Balthasar

Enlightenment: Zen, Christian, and Modern

"A religion of Nirvana cannot understand what kenosis means in a Christian sense; but it is a hair's breadth away from it."-- Hans Urs von Balthasar. An examination of Eastern and Western "Enlightenment."

Gender and Intra- Trinitarian Love in the Theo-drama of Hans Urs Von Balthasar

 Examines the ontological (i.e., Trinitarian) roots of gender.

The Trinity as the Pattern of the World in the Theo-Drama

Divine and human freedom as rooted in the Trinity.

The Daring Hope of Hans Urs Von Balthasar

 Dare we hope that all men may be saved?

The Testimony of the Devil: The Temptation and Mission of Jesus

Was Jesus really one of us? The devil seemed to think so.

Absurd Wisdom: An Apology for Euthyphro

Christian philosophers have always sided with Socrates in this debate; maybe they've been backing the wrong horse.

Thoroughly Modern Thomas: Faith and Science in Aquinas

How much of the modern world can be credited to (or blamed on) St. Thomas?

The Happy Passion: Faith in the Philosophical Fragments

Kierkegaard restored the notion of faith as "faith in a person" rather than mere belief in propositions.

Charity in the De Doctrina Christiana: The Bible as Roman á Clef

St. Augustine provides a simply hermeneutic key for understanding the Bible. Does it really work?

Links of Interest

Distibutism Blogspot

 -- For all the latest News and views!

The Center for Economic and Social Justice

 -- This organization seeks a practical way to implement the wider ownership of industrial wealth by distributing the growth in the economy to the workers in the form of stocks. Current owners would be deprived of none of their current property, but new growth would accrue to the workers and other constituent groups. This is a "must see" site.

Second Spring

 -- An International Journal published by The Chesterton Institute for Faith and Culture.


-- One of the most comprehensive sites on Catholic Social Teaching, this site is run by Robert Waldrop of the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City.

The Third Way

 -- There is a Distributivist Political Party -- in England. Check out their site for some refreshing political commentary.


-- If advertising is the ultimate in American Culture (and I greatly fear that it is), then Adbusters is the ultimate counter-cultural site.

Gilbert! Magazine

 -- A magazine devoted to the great G. K. Chesterton.

The Catholic Worker Movement

-- Distributivism as practiced on the street and in the slums of America.


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